Living in a post-pandemic world has only emphasized the importance of home. It’s not just where you live, it’s where you work, entertain, decompress and enjoy alone or family time. Having a well-designed, multi-functional as well as an aesthetically pleasing home has always ranked high on our list of design considerations, however, equally compelling is creating a space that elicits an emotional response. That’s why we incorporate the five senses into our designs harnessing the power they have for an impactful positive outcome. Sensory design ultimately has a therapeutic, feel-good quality and that is the highest definition of home we know. Always ensuring that we design spaces that will meet your evolving needs, the sweet spot is where form and function meet the inevitable result are spaces that you truly love living in. Isn’t that why you called us?


From refreshing your space to breaking down old walls and building new ones, Darlene Janeiro offers a complete list of residential services: