With condo refurbishments, we project manage and work closely with Property Managers and Board Members to ensure that spaces function at their best. Our years of experience and dedication to listening to client’s requests have served us well. We always use the right mix of design style reflecting the architectural details of the building while accommodating the residents throughout the entire renovation. We believe common spaces are an extension of the suites that residents call “home.” And for our clients, every effort is made to add market value to the properties while working within budgets and timelines to minimize the disruption to residents during renovations.

With a deep understanding of the service industry, we create spaces that will keep your guests coming back for more. From restaurants, bars to boutique hotels, we curate unique experiences, evoking the senses while embodying your brand story through the power of design. Whether that’s a bold statement or understated elegance, let us tell your distinct narrative that will make you stand out in this highly competitive market.