Dani Guimaraes

Intermediate Designer
Dani Guimaraes is a Designer passionate about everything related to art and design. She believes that a good design project begins with empathy and good communication.

Seasoned in all aspects of successfully running a high-end interior design studio in her native Brazil, Dani brings 15 years of valuable international experience to DJ Design. “Running my studio in the past gave me the expertise to manage every aspect of the design process,” says Dani. From the preliminary sketches to the final set of construction drawings, she is also a savvy relationship builder having dealt with a diverse range of clients and mentored a team of designers.

With a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Dani’s pursuit of lifelong learning continued in Canada graduating with top honours from the Interior Decorating Program at Sheridan College. She also received the Excellence in Technology Award in recognition of her outstanding academic achievement using design software.

Dani’s passion for design and sharing of DJ Design’s core values such as collaboration, ethics and excellence align perfectly with what she deems important in a work environment. “When we add that to the passion we have for what we do, we are already halfway there to exceeding our clients’ expectations and successfully driving the company to growth.”

When not slaying design projects, Dani enjoys going to museums, and dabbling in photography. A bona-fide beach lover, she loves spending times in nature alongside family and friends.