Dalia Elkhatib

Senior Designer
Dalia Elkhatib pulls a meticulous, analytical, and creative style into each project and is energized by all opportunities that allow her to bring spaces to life.
With seven years of design experience working on a wide range of projects—from commercial, condominiums, workspace, retail and educational institutions—Dalia joined DJ Design more than two years ago as the Senior Designer bringing her drive for excellence to every project and well-honed relationship skills to our diverse client roster.
Energized by all opportunities and the various steps involved in taking a conceptual space and bringing it to life, Dalia draws on her meticulous, analytical and creative strengths to navigate the design journey from start to finish.

Thanks to her positive, forward-thinking approach, she sees every challenge as an opportunity for growth, learning and enhanced creativity. A definite gem to the DJ Design team, in 2020, Dalia’s passion for design and love of natural materials and stones took her on an entrepreneurial journey of her own with the launch of her fine jewelry brand.